Thursday, January 16, 2014

Zentangle Exploding Box Tutorial

There has been much chatter on the Certified Zentangle Teacher's Facebook page lately about a wonderful idea to create an exploding box to showcase Zentangle tiles.  So I thought I would bring my paper crafting experience into the fray and make my own tutorial.

What's an Exploding Box, you ask?  It is a paper crafted box, beautifully decorated with a lid.  When you Remove the lid, gravity grabs the sides of the box and pulls them down making it look like it is 'exploding' out of the lid.  Fun!!

Here is my not quit finished project......

There are so many ways to create this box that it was difficult to begin.  I am a bit of a purest so I kept with the Zentangle tradition of black and white.  I am already planning other versions with designer paper and flowers!!!

I made four layers so that I could include Zendala's (the largest at 4 5/8 inches), brown, white and black tiles.  I am planning to use this with my Zentangle display setup to show off what one can do with Zentangle. It will be a great conversation starter!

I decided that each layer needed to be coordinated with each type of tile.  Since I have only white Zendala's I decided the largest square should be black.  I also wanted black for the outside of the box because I plan to Tangle directly onto the paper (In this version I added Zendala's to the outside).  The next inside layer is white to show off black tiles.  Next comes a cream colored paper for my tan tiles and finally black again to show off the most common tile - white.  You can actually put tiles on both sides of the square flaps. I don't have enough completed tiles to do this yet though.

4 3/4" square fits a Zendala

White paper for black tiles and vise versa.

Cream paper for tan tiles.

 Let's begin the tutorial......

The size of the finished layers are as follows:

  • Outside black - 4 3/4" - just fits the size of a Zendala
  • White - 4 1/4" (there is room here for another layer sized at 4 1/2)
  • Cream - 4"
  • Black - 3 3/4 (just what we need for the 3 1/2" tile

Cutting Guide

Use good quality 12 x 12 solid/smooth cardstock.  I don't recommend using the textured style as it will interfere with Tangling directly on the paper.

Black paper:

  • 1 square cut at 4 3/4
  • 4 pieces cut 4 3/4 by 5 1/4 
  • Score the 4 larger pieces on the long side at 1/2 inch (the 1/2 flap is folded and glued under the square leaving a 4 3/4" square flap)

  • The smallest black section is cut from one 12 x 12 piece of paper (it is a little tricky). Cut the 12x12 paper down to 11 1/4". Next measure and mark 3 3/4 and at 7 1/2 on all 4 sides.  Draw lines between your marks from end to end on the page making a shape like the x's and o's game. Now cut out the corners!
Cream paper:

This one is the easiest!  This one is cut from one piece of 12x12 paper.  Mark the ends of the paper at 4" and 8" inches on all 4 sides.  Connect the marks similar to the black paper above and then cut out the corners.

White paper:

  • Cut 1 square at 4 1/4"
  • Cut 4 pieces 4 1/4 by 4 3/4
  • Score the 4 larger pieces on the long side at 1/2 inch (the 1/2 flap is folded and glued under the square leaving a 4 3/4" square flap)

Assembly Instructions

Score and fold the flaps on all the pieces that need it.  I use Score-Tape from Diana Crick, CZT at her Magnolia-licious store, but you can use any firm adhesive including tacky glue.

Line up the base square pieces with the score lines and adhere.  Do this for all 4 sides for both the black and and white outer pieces.

Stack up the sizes so that the largest is on the bottom.  Now you have a decision to make.  Normally we glue all these layers together at the bases.  Do you want your layers to stay put or do you want to be able to separate them?  I am gluing mine but I might not on another version.

Lid Instructions

Cut a 6 7/8" square and score it at 1" on all four sides.  Now cut a little triangle out of each corner flap as shown in the picture.

Fold on all score lines and glue corner flaps in place.

Finishing Touches

Next comes the fun part!  Add your very special tiles to both sides of the squares.  You can add tiles to the outside or Zentangle directly onto the paper before sandwiching it all together.

I punched a hole in the lid and added a ribbon to help get the lid off easily.

OK, now it is your turn!  Go out and create!!!!

P.S. I will post a pdf on the Teacher Facebook site later.  If you appreciate this post, please consider becoming a follower and showing your support.

Thanks for coming over for my project.


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