Friday, February 7, 2014

In the Beginning Class at NIC Elder College a Success

Wow, what a wonderful experience to teach my first Zentangle class.  In case your wondering, I am teaching a 4-part course at North Island College in the Elder College Department.  We are exploring all the beginning steps of learning Zentangle drawing.

My 23 students were wonderful and attentive.  One lady said to me afterward that her friend drug her to the course and she thought it was going to be about doodling.  She was pleasantly surprised and thanked me for giving her a special gift - Zentangle.

At the end of the class we all hovered around and marveled at how we all heard the same instruction but our tiles were all completely different.  This of course was something that I emphasized in the class - that we all have our own creative bent, background and perspective which influences our art.

The class was fantastic and I am looking forward to next Thursday when we will be exploring more Tangles. The current course is full but I think there are still a few spaces left in the March session starting March 13th.  Contact North Island College to register.

Have fun Tangling today!

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