Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Tangle - Diva Challenge #141

You've heard that phrase, "the best laid schemes of mice and men" from the Robert Burns poem To a Mouse.  Well it applies to women too.  I have had the best of intentions to enter the last two Diva challenges but I just could not make it happen. 

Last night I managed to make a tile with the required Quandary and Fengle tangles.  It took several practice sheet to get the hang of these tangles as they are both new to me.  I managed to find a good video of Quandary and that made all the difference.

I have been playing around with black, grey and brown paper for my ZIA so I did another one a little more random using grey paper and accenting with a white pencil crayon.

It looks better in person as the white highlights stand out more.  Hope you like them!



  1. I love these two pieces Nancy. I've bought a book on zentangling but so far have not got as far as you have.

    Sue x

  2. Both are lovely! Especially I like the second one. Here I like the way of combination of Fengle and Quandrary!

  3. These are really nice. I especially like the second one as the white highlights really make it pop.

  4. Both your tiles are lovely! The second one is done on nice paper with shading I think!? Great

  5. Both look great. I like the variation of Fengle in the first but I like the highlights on the grey paper. Fengle can be challenging, but looks like you got the hang of it.


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