Thursday, October 31, 2013

What's my danger zone?

The Diva has asked us all to explore our comfort and danger zones this week and then make a tangle in our danger zone.

I am still relatively new to Zentangle. I understand the philosophy behind the techniques but following them is a little different than understanding them. Right?  I tend to plan too much!  I like control and planning comes naturally to me, it is just part of who I am.  So my comfort zone is to think ahead to what tangles I will use and practice them first before trying a Zentangle tile.

To get into my danger zone I decided that I would create a few tangles without thinking - just do it.  Since I don't know many tangles yet, I used the little tangle card from the official Zentangle kit and randomly selected tangles to put on my tile - no thinking - just pointed to the tile with my eyes closed and started drawing the tangle where my finger landed.  I also added a couple of random ones that I like.

Oh, before I started tangling I made a string.  I started with string #76 from before I realized that it was planning to use a pre-formatted string.  The next two tiles I drew a random string to help stay in my danger zone.

String 76, Knightsbridge, Crescent Moon, Bales, Pokeroot, Flukes

Zander, Shattuck, Hollibaugh, Florz, Tipple

Flux, Mooka, Kieko, Hallibaugh, Flower

I have to say that this was a very rewarding exercise!  It has made me feel a little more free to just tangle instead of planning my every step.

Thanks to the Diva for helping us get more creative and thank you for checking in on my work.


  1. Great that this Challenge brought you a positive experience! Your tiles are very beautiful.

  2. I am glad this Challenge brought you a positive experience. Your tiles are beautiful.

  3. Like all your tiles and glad that you were able to find out some things. The flower in the last tile reminds me of Flora from Sandy B's Totally Tangled.

  4. Now that's what is so much fun, no plans just nice surprises!!!

  5. Three little jewels, love your results and way to jump in!

  6. What a great result of your "danger zone"! You did a wonderful job!

  7. All are beautiful, and skillfully drawn and shaded. Good job on loosening up the planning and control and it really does look like you've enjoyed it!


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