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Nancy Dawes, CZT

I have been a crafter most of my life, learning from my mother and grandmother a love of working with fabric, wool and paper.   I truly love all crafts and have tried most of them.  I have always wanted to learn to draw but never pursued it because I didn't think I was "artsy" enough.

More recently I decided it was time to stop procrastinating and started searching the web for drawing techniques.  I came across the Zentangle method and was intrigued by the beautiful designs.  I ended up on the official Zentangle web site and found a local Certified Zentangle Teacher who was giving a class in my town just two weeks later.  After taking the beginner course I was totally hooked and started Tangling on any piece of paper I could find.  It was so uplifting and confirming to think that I could actually draw!

I attended the Certified Zentangle Teaching course in November 2013 and am now teaching my own classes and hope to inspire other people to draw using the Zentangle method.

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